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Mobile Number: 07836 717 170

H4H Hire Fleet

Horseboxes 4 Hire are the largest and most Prestigious hire company within the UK, supplying a wide range of quality horseboxes to a wide range of clientele.

Our extensive vehicle fleet is the preferred choice of many clients throughout a wide range of industries. Our range starts with the two horse Renault Master which is perfect for a day out. The middle of our range focuses on our 7.5 tonne luxury two and three stall vehicles following onto our larger range of HGV vehicles.

Our vehicles are suitable for both private and commercial hire, being regularly seen at many of the large show venues. We take immense pride in our vehicles and provide the most modern, reliable and cost effective fleet within the horsebox hire industry.

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Please Note:

Due to the volume of requests, there is now a minimum hire duration of:

2 days for 3.5 Tonne Horsebox Hire.

7 days for any 7.5 Tonne Horsebox Hire.

4 Stall no Living

4 Stall No Living

11 Tonne 4 Stall Luxury Living

11 Tonne 4 Stall

3.5 Tonne

3.5 Tonne

7.5tn 2 Stalls

7.5tn 2 Stalls

7.5tn 3 stalls

7.5tn 3 Stalls